Wednesday, July 11, 2007

1031. Clay pigeon, used in trap shooting

Photographed at the Trap Hall of Fame

1032. "Quick release" used by the movie/tv special effects industry - this one will hold 2200 pounds. A pyro charge in the cylinder on the top activates it, pushing the release bar. A safety pin can be seen on the right, next to the hole used as a hanging point. A trigger line can also pull the locking bar open.

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1033a. Threshing flail, used to thresh out small lots of grain.

1034. Caulking mallets, used for driving ship caulking tools, usually made of a hard wood such as boxwood, black mesquite, or live oak.

1035. This is the Peters Cartridge Company shot tower. High in the tower molten lead was dropped through a copper or sheet-iron sieve, the lead cooled and formed into small spheres as it fell into a water basin, it was then used for projectiles in firearms.

Built around 1917
to replace a tower that was over twenty years old.

More info: History of the American Shot Tower

1036a. Combined level and grade finder, patent number 764,809, used for laying out the grade for road and railroad construction, the sighting apertures allow it to be used as a transit.

1036b. Clinometer, patent number416,683

Both of these are from Jim Brown's collection

More info on gravity inclinometers can be seen here.

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